Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Want to experiment with Linux? Get a Didj!

Now that the Didj has been discontinued by Leapfrog, it is sure to be on sale for much less than the cost of a similarly featured development board for Linux.  You can find all of the datasheets, reference material, and source to do your Linux experimenting at the Didj wiki page.  Below is a teardown of the toy and some processor specs, you can download the full datasheet from the site.

  • 32bit CPU Embedded Architecture : 533MHz ARM926EJ with 16KByte I-Cache and 16KByte D-Cache.
  • High performance 3D Graphics Accelerator
  • USB 1.1 Host Controller, USB 2.0 Device, 4Ch UART
  • LCD Controller, 8Ch DMA, Timer, Interrupt Controller, RTC
  • SD/MMC, I2S, I2C, SSP, ADC, GPIOs, PWM, Power Manager

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