Thursday, December 3, 2020

MIDI Hack Competition at NAMM 2021

The MIDI Innovation Awards, a design competition for MIDI hacks, DIY projects, or innovative MIDI products is now open with final judging at NAMM 2021.  This competition was announced by Music Hackspace, the MIDI Association and NAMM.

The first prize includes an exhibition booth and free advertising at the 2022 NAMM show.  Other prizes to be announced.  Submissions of existing commercialized products and art installations are also eligible.  For more details see the Music Hackspace Innovation Awards page.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Arduino Sensor Kit

Arduino and Seeed have released the Arduino Sensor Kit for $23 (USD).  The kit includes 10 modules and sensors including light, sound, air pressure, temperature, an accelerometer, buzzer, button, and a small OLED screen.  The Arduino sensor kit base is an Arduino Shield (daughterboard) so you will need an Arduino UNO or compatible board to use it.  If you buy both from Arduino you can get them bundled for a discounted price ($38.70).  The Arduino Sensor Kit can be purchased directly from Arduino or Seeed and Arduino has developed a step-by-step tutorial to go with it and the Arduino UNO. 

Seed has a very similar all-in-one board, the Seeed Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino ($19.90), which includes an Arduino compatible base board.