Thursday, February 8, 2018

Atmel-ICE and Development Board Sale at

The Atmel-ICE Full Kit is half off with coupon code TP1747 until February 28, 2018.  A few other development boards are discounted as well.  See details at

I have used the Atmel-ICE with a few different AVR microcontrollers along with the Atmel Studio 7.  It works well but I have had a few small issues with JTAG debugging from Atmel Studio, usually I just restart the debug session and things work.  Definitely the best tool I have found for AVR JTAG debugging. For more information see the the Atmel-ICE product page.  The link to the online user's guide on that page is currently broken, I will add it to the comments if I can find a link.  Here is the Atmel-ICE User Guide at DigiKey.  The Youtube video Atmel Edge With Paul Rako: Debug 102 shows and unboxing and goes over the basics of the kit.  The video is embedded below (no pun intended).