Thursday, May 28, 2015

StarterWareFree for AM335X and BeagleBone Black

A public StarterWare Repository has been set up at  It is based on StarterWare 2.0 from Texas Instruments.   This purpose of this public repo is to update the sources with fixes faster than TI is able to do.  The current version already has fixes from the TI forums.  Some other changes are a BeagleBone Black patch, LwIP and FAT filesystem improvements, MMC and better PRU support.

If you aren't familiar with starterware here is the description from the TI page:
"StarterWare is a free software development package that provides no-OS platform support for ARM and DSP TI processors. StarterWare includes Device Abstraction Layer (DAL) libraries and example applications that demonstrate the capabilities of the peripherals on the TI processors. StarterWare also provides pre-built binaries for quick evaluation on the target."


Unknown said...


Is it possible to use the C-language StarterWare library with Eclipse for the Beaglebone Black?

I did not find complete C library for my BBB, and I would keep the OS on my BBB.

Aaron Clarke said...

Do you want to debug remotely? If you don't have an IP stack you will need JTAG.

For JTAG, I think your best bet is to use TinCanTools flyswatter2 but I haven't tried it yet with the beaglebone black or starterware. I used the flyswatter with a few other ARM boards and had good results.

Also, here are two forums you can ask starterware questions:!categories/beagleboard/starterware

Aaron Clarke said...

I forgot that starterware does have an IP stack, but it still might not be easy to set up remote debugging using a remote gdb connection without JTAG.

I re-read you question and I think maybe you just want to set up eclipse to build an application that will work with starterware using a C library that has a complete set of functions. Which library have you found and which functions are missing?