Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CadSoft Eagle 6 Release

Cadsoft has released Eagle 6 and their sluggish site may indicate it's increasing popularity.  Eagle has been popular for it's low cost and free versions, especially with DIY electronics enthusiasts and students.  You can even get a skill badge with the Eagle Logo from Adafruit.

Eagle's low cost and popularity with DIYers may be helping it gain support in industry.  For example, Texas Instruments provides a library of symbols and footprints for the MSP430 for use with Eagle.  TI also provides schematics and layout for its $4.30US MSP430 LaunchPad development board in Eagle format.

LaunchPad Schematic and PCB Trace (Created using Eagle) | Download Now

Shown above is the LaunchPad with a transciever daughterboard from the $19 RF BoosterPack and a blurb from TI about eagle support.  If you are interested in MSP430 development on other boards than the LaunchPad, is featuring a USB Debugger/board bundle.

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