Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Microchip and Cymbet Offer Solar Energy Harvesting Kit

The Microchip XLP Energy Harvesting Kit is available exclusively from DigiKey for $195.  It contains a Microchip XLP 16-bit development board with a PIC24F16KA102 Microcontroller, the  Cymbet EVAL-08 solar energy harvesting  evaluation kit, and a Microchip PICkit3 USB debugger/programmer.

The Cymbet board manages and stores indoor or outdoor light energy with an EnerChip EH CBC5300 Module ($36 at DigiKey) to provide power for the Microchip PIC24F board.  The PIC24F16KA102 is a nanoWatt XLP (eXtreme Low Power) PIC Microcontroller.

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