Saturday, April 17, 2010

Musical Instrument Amplifier Embeds a PC Inside

Orange Amps' new PC+Amplifier is designed for Guitar, Keyboard, microphones and more. It includes WIFI and Guitar Effects software and will be available in June 2010. This could have a lot of uses for musicians, you could pair this with a USB MIDI controller for drums, keyboard, or wind instruments. It will be a nice compliment to USB programmable guitar effects. If successful, it will create more demand for PC connectivity in audio electronics.


Paras said...

I do wonder how well it will hold up against the vibrations when it shares its enclosure with the amp. Still I could see some neat applications where you could use the computer to record, provide effects and even drive a color organ to match the music.

Aaron Clarke said...

Paras, thanks for letting me know about this amp!
Now I'm wondering how much it will cost, how loud is it, and does it have to be Orange?

Paras said...

Here is the pricing