Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Barnes and Noble will release electronic reader

Gizmondo and the Wall Street Journal are reporting that Barnes and Noble will release the Nook, an electronic reader to compete with Amazon's Kindle. It's reported to sell for $259, and run Google's Android OS. Gizmondo has pictures but no specifications yet.


Paras said...

While I like the idea of electronic readers, I hate that every publication/media outlet wants to make their own version which means you would have to carry a bunch of them to read a bunch of newspapers and books from different sources. Also, if I am going to carry around what effectively is a small tablet PC, I want it to be able to do general purpose computing like playing mp3s, browsing the web, connecting to my digital camera and uploading photos.

Aaron Clarke said...

Barnes and Noble is advertising "any book, any device" with its Nook announcement. See the video on my latest post.