Monday, August 3, 2009

Mentor Acquires Development Firm Offering Android and Embedded Linux Solutions

Mentor's acquisition of Embedded Alley will allow it to offer a three-OS solution to device manufacturers. Mentor's Nucleus real time operating system (RTOS) is installed on about one third of mobile phones. Before the acquisition, Mentor's Ben Hookway blogged about Nucleus and Android.

Mentor has already updated its website to support developers implementing the multi-OS solution: Android and Linux Development Systems for Multi-OS and Multicore Development.


Paras said...

What I find astonishing is that Google plans to have 18 to 20 Android phones out by the end of the year! Its pretty clear that Apple is moving into the "complete solution" direction with the iPhone like the Mac did years ago and Google is moving into Microsoft's old "control the platform" position.

Aaron Clarke said...

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